Friday, December 23, 2011

Dear Universe,

*Note: this is something I've been meaning to do, write a letter to the Universe, and thought I'd share it with you all. In case you don't know, last week I rejoined the ranks of the unemployed. So, it's time for a little soul searching or universe searching in this case. I'm a big believer that if you make room in your life, the universe will send what you need/what you were meant to have your way. It holds true for me - it's how Jason, Aggie and Mimi all came in to my life. So, without further ado...

Dear Universe,

How are you?  Okay, I'm stalling.  I've been stalling for more than a week - actually for more than 18 months.  I'm scared and I don't know why.  You've sent me all kinds of goodness - nay, greatness.  When I have opened up my life, cleared out the unessential, you have sent me the most wonderful of gifts.  Thank you.  Maybe this should be a thank you note - my life is tremendous.  Thank you.

However, given the past 18 months of my life - career opportunities not working out - I am beginning to suspect that you are sending me a message.  That you have something you'd like to give me, if I'd just open up my life, my heart, and let it in.

I guess I'm afraid that I'll fail again.  Or I won't like what you send me.  Or I don't know what.  But I'm afraid.  Perhaps what I'm really afraid of is that this it - I do have a great life and I need to accept it as it is, despite wanting more.

But, this past week, you sent me another gift - affordable, part-time day care for the girls at our beloved day care.  And it's a win for all parties involved.  I am so grateful - thank you.

So, I suspect your bounty is endless and that it's okay to ask for more - the worse you could say is nothing at all.

I love my family dearly (immediate, extended and created), but I want more than just them in my life.  I want work that is meaningful beyond my small sphere.  I want work that fills me up, serves a purpose in the lives of others, that challenges and inspires me.  I want work that allows me ample quality time with my family and doesn't ask me to choose between the two, because the family will always come first.

Truly, that is all I have ever wanted, from the time I was a young girl - a family and work that I love.  The family part I've got and will continue to nurture.  Now, I ask for the work part.

As my Freewill Astrology horoscope said this week:

In 2012, Taurus... The coming months will be prime time for you to lay the foundations for a worthy project that will captivate your imagination for a long time -- and perhaps even take you decades to complete.

That sounds amazing.  Please, send that.

Thank you.

All the love in the universe,



liv said...

I am a firm believer in asking for what you want. Manifest that sh*t, girl! You have worked hard to build your skills to get where you are and someone out there will recognize it and snatch you up! Keep that heart open and something meaningful will come along for you, of this I am sure! xo.

jenny foster said...
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sunnywave said...

that was a wonderful letter. i think it's amazing that you are open to the universe and the messages it will bring to your doorstep. *hugs*hugs*hugs* i have a feeling in my bones that meaningful work will be coming your way. *love to you*

amandaw said...

I believe I hear the universe...wait...listen...Denver...Denver...Denver


Nanimal said...

amen, sister!

heathre said...

gotta echo what liv said - mainfest! love your letter and i sooo get where you are right now. may 2012 be a year of exciting growth and change and finding your "life's work." xoxo

carmen said...

love your letter to the universe.