Friday, December 02, 2011


From the title, you may have guessed - things are going so much better!  Wheeeeeeeeeee!  I am a tad giddy.

The happiness feels a touch fragile.  I note this only in hopes of reminding myself that should something troubling come up that my happiness wasn't a fluke or a lie, just on ground that has not yet hardened.

And to learn from my current state - for it's my opinion I should learn from the positive and the negative - here's what I think is contributing to it:
  • Mimi has been sleeping through the night; hence, so have I - at least two nights this week!
  • I'm back on my protein and veggie diet, which seems to help me have more stable moods and energy.
  • I've taken time to relax each evening after the girls go to bed and before I go to bed (mainly by watching Clean House - love that show!).
  • Someone is out on vacation for this week (and next!).
  • I had a lovely, relaxing weekend with Aunty Ruu (thanks, Aunty Ruu!).
  • When my anger has flared, 85% of the time I've remembered to breathe deeply.
  • The girls have been so super cute and fun.
  • The weather hasn't been too cold and it's been sunny.
  • I've found a ton of new blogs to read.
  • I'm reading The Happiness Project and found a kindred spirit in the author.
  • I'm trying not to apologize for little things.
  • I made another friend date for Sunday, and my house will be full on friends on Saturday for Mandarin Day (Observed) party.
About the girls - Mimi's top two front teeth are coming in and they're so cute!  And Aggie has started speaking in full sentences occassionally.  Generally when chocolate milk is involved.  Last night, she asked, "Hey! What happened to the chocolate milk?" (actually sounded like: "Hey! Dawt apen doklet nilk?")  I replied, "That's right!  I'll go make some."  "Awesome!"  The cuteness made me fall over.

I also made a big break through on the walk to the car the other night.  I struggle when people are upset with me.  I work very hard, mentally, to figure out how to change that.  I remind myself that people have a right to their feelings, but that's not the real issue.  The real issue is I need to be okay that they are upset with me - that I struggle with.  That slight shift in perspective shot straight to my core and I realized that is where the issue lies.  I need to learn to be okay that people are mad at or unhappy with or sad about (etc.) me.  That I don't actually have to care or change that feeling, but I do have to live with it. 

Happy Day!


heathre said...

i could swear i commented on this! but i will squeeeee! with you again :) xoxox

sunnywave said...

*hug*!!!!! the difference a full night of sleep can make...hooo eeee, squeeee!!!!! :-) so glad you are finding love and light and joy. your list made me smile!!! :-)