Thursday, December 16, 2010


So, baby girl's been sick - that is my excuse for missing posts.  Not that I really need any.  But...I feel the need to make one.

Anyhoo, this morning she woke up cheerful, so I got her dressed for day care.  (Is it awful that I wanted her to feel better so she could go to day care?  Yes, I wanted her to be healthy again, but my first priority was me time.)  I held up a cute new onesie and asked if she wanted to wear it - she said "ga."  Then I held up pink flower print pants and asked if she wanted to wear them - again, "ga."  Paired with floral socks and pink cupcake booties*, it was a total girlie (well-coordinated) outfit.

You might think, "what's the big deal?  She's a girl."  Well, it bugs me, and I'm not sure why.  Since I learned we were having a girl, I've been focused (okay, obsessed) on making sure she is not too girlie.  Not  a lot of pink, no princess dolls, no ribbons for her hair, etc.  I've deliberately bought her clothes in the boys section.  I've also bought her a few pink things.  And her room - totally gender neutral.  The focus has been on raising on a tomboy.  Yet, in addition to today, there have been a couple of times she's reached out for the doll in the frilly dress.

But with BD2, I've been drawn more to girlie stuff - not sure why.  Jason thinks it's because the pressure is off.  But, having two girls, I worry about people thinking we're a super girlie household and getting us only pink things.

I don't want to squash the girlie in Ags or her sister, if it's there - I don't want to force them to be something their not.  And, really, if they get obsessed with the Disney Princesses, it will be equally as annoying as them being obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine.  

I think, it comes down to providing the opportunity for them to explore their world as they want.  I was raised by a mom who really liked the girlie stuff and raised by a dad who bought me my own size-appropriate rifle.  I had a variety of wonderful experiences.  I want that for the girls too.

*Why are there no navy blue or brown cupcake booties?  Don't boys like cupcakes?  Why is food gendered?  Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!

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