Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pink: The Follow-Up

Last Saturday, we went to purchase a portable hair chair (because some folks, rightly, do not have high chairs in their homes and trying to feed a squirming Ags when visiting is a royal pain).  We found one that we liked and that was on sale.  Only issue - it was branded by Disney - Cars and The Princesses were our two options.  I, of course, wanted Cars.  But Jason rightfully insisted she pick, so he hoisted up both to show Ms. Ags.  I turned my back and pretended to look at other things so I would not sway her decision.  She looked and looked and then picked the...you guessed it, The Princesses.


And when we put her in it the first time she stared and stroked the images of The Princesses on the tray.

Double sigh.

I'm actually not all that disappointed.  At least she picked it and didn't have it foisted on her.  I could argue that she has, thanks to all the genderfication that goes into products, especially baby products, but I'll leave that alone.

I guess I should confess that we had our first pretend tea party yesterday.  She got a tea set for her birthday that I busted out yesterday.  I poured the tea and we took turns drinking, while she put the unused dishes in the dog's basket.

Side note - she can now put things in boxes/baskets, she can stack blocks and walk with her cart.  Over the course of two days, she busted out all these new skills.  Seriously she could not (would not?) do these a week ago.  Amazing how her little brain put it all together and produced these three skills all at once.  Now, on to teaching her how to fold laundry.  And shovel the drive.


Anonymous said...

So cute!
Is she walking yet?

sunnywave said...

lol! i feel the pain/laughter/dismay/humor: the disney princesses manage to infiltrate...