Tuesday, December 21, 2010


So, we are trying to pick a name for the BD2.  Granted, we do have 105 days until her arrival.  BUT (my OCD screams)...omg, what if we don't find a name?!?

Okay, here are the contenders:

Jason: Bianca is his favorite

Cora: Esme is my favorite

Jason's second favorite is Lydia.

We also like Phaedra, Persephone and Penelope.

We're trying to go for a Greek name because all our names are Greek - just a fun, little family tradition.

But none of these names seem right.  They're almost right.  We're on the right track, but we just haven't reached the finish line.

Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

My vote is for Lydia!
I am not expecting and I am already working on names for a second. Poor Sam!

amandaw said...

I like Adaleide...not a contender?

carmen said...

Love Esme and Bianca. I love the name Jade for a girl, but not so Greek.

carmen said...
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Bruce said...

So many great Greek names:


sunnywave said...

jade is my middle name! in korean, that is...

i love persephone! it sounds like a song, or a peaceful river, when you say it.

but i hear you about the name sounding right...we were late in the game with the names...in fact squirrel's name didn't materialize until after birth (right after, a sort of hallelujah moment...)

Anonymous said...

How about Isis?

Nanimal said...

I like Artemis :)
you can call her Arty