Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Daily Post #1

You may have noticed that I did not do a post about Aggie on 11/10.  And that was on purpose.  Not the, "Shoot! I totally forgot but now I have a good reason for not doing it," but a genuine reason.  I'm bored with those posts.  Not posting about her, per say, but the format and such.  And, since she just turned 1, I figured it was a good a breaking point as any.  I've been blogging mainly about her for more than 20 months, and I thought I'd move on to something different.  (In case you're worried, I do continue to keep track of her baby milestones in her baby book.)

That's that (*dusts hands*).  On to something different!

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Nanimal said...

what a sweet little book!