Thursday, December 02, 2010


RAWR!  This is how I've felt for the past week.  Short-tempered, easily frustrated.  And to make matters worse, I've been taking it out on others.

It dawned on my this morning that it's probably an indication that something(s) are out of whack with me.  Here's what I've pinpointed so far:

  1. I need to go to bed earlier.  Ags goes to bed about 7ish; I stay up to 11ish.  It is nice to have some time with J after she goes to sleep and it's also nice to have some time all to myself as well.  But, I think I can do those and still have the lights out by 9:30.
  2. I need to take my meds regularly.  About twice a week, I miss a dose.  I don't really have a morning routine any more, which is when I take them.  So, I need to try to get in the habit of taking them right after I eat breakfast.
  3. I need to exercise regularly.  Before the snow and cold arrived last week, I was taking a walk or doing yoga everyday.  Then, we became kinda housebound and for some reason, all exercise came to a screeching halt.  I can manage 30 min. a day.
  4. I need to eat less carbs and sugars.  I feel so much better when my diet mainly consists of veggies and meat, which it hasn't.
Now, to go locate some momentum.


heathre said...

go cora! you WILL find the momentum

sunnywave said...

Rawr, Rawr! I so relate to the rawr-ing. hugs to you.