Thursday, February 24, 2011


I was at the grocery store this morning, buying (amongst other things) newborn diapers and formula and I really had to suppress the urge to cry.  I had the same urge after my doctor appointment on Tuesday.  It's a combo of excitement, anxiety and anticipation - for all the joy, stress, fatigue, love and uncertainty heading our way.

Aggie has been in to giving hugs recently, mainly after she's fallen down or conked her head (never really hard, just tiny bumps).  It is heaven to just sit there and hold her.  Now I'm going to start crying for reals.  I can't believe we get a second opportunity to go through this with another child.  I feel so blessed.

I am hopeful that this time around, during the newborn stage, I will be more relaxed and able to enjoy it more.  Not just because I've done it before, but because I have no job to think about going back to, no worries over child care, and a whole summer to look forward to.

Another wonderful picture by Aunty Ruu:


amandaw said...

I love, love, LOVE this picture! How special. It makes me weepy. I'm so excited for you and Jason. The only sadness I can think of is that I won't be as close to have fun with all of you on a regular basis. Ah, life. Who knows. The next move might be to a Davidson/ Workman compound. xo

Nanimal said...

ahhh. you are so cute and smaltzy right now. Dammit... that means that is around the corner for me.

I am overtired and starting to feel unwieldly right now.
I really need for the snow to go away - I am so tired of climbing over 3 foot snow banks to get to things. I also miss flip flops... really really badly. :)

sunnywave said...

looooove this family photo!!! soooo sweet!!!!

Sarah Tuttle-Singer. Yes, That's My Real Name. (Hi Dad.) said...

look how cute you are :)