Wednesday, February 23, 2011


So, I had a Zen moment while driving to Grocery Outlet yesterday.  I was thinking about losing my job ten months ago and losing out on another job last summer and the resentment I held towards two people in particular about those lost opportunities.  I realized had they not thwarted my efforts, I would not be where I am today - having grown a lot as a person and in the process of growing another person.  I was able to let go of some of my anger towards them, which felt good, since it made more room for my growing excitement.

Later, I told this to Jason and he said he'd rather think that I took two awful situations and rose above them and made my life better.  I like this perspective as well.

One perspective need not negate the other.  People give you gifts all the time and sometimes they just sit on the shelf collecting dust.  And sometimes you pick them up and use them in ways intended and not intended.  I suspect neither person, by firing/not hiring me, were intending to give me a gift, but they nonetheless did.  And good on me for using it.

I guess I'm following Aggie's example and crowing about it:

Thanks, Aunty Ruu!


heathre said...

good on you, miss cora :)
(and i LOVE aggie's crowing - almost as much as her itsy-bitsy spider rendition :)

sunnywave said...

<3 what a gorgeous pic!!! :-)