Tuesday, February 01, 2011


Yesterday, I rediscovered a wonderful blog, Superhero Journal.  Her recent posts are particularly relevant for me because 1) she's a mom of an infant and a preschooler; and 2) she's written some great things about loving ourselves as we are right now (my NYR).  Here are some highlights:

I started wondering: What if 2011 was simply about being enough? Our bodies, our work, our lives? What if we chucked our insatiable drive to self-improve and simply created from a space of enoughness? What then? What if instead of designing our year from a place of lack, of trying to fix what’s broken (my list is long on this one) we created a solid foundation for ourselves? A place from which to create that was full and rich and a-okay?

But I also learn over and over again, that to appear to have it all together when you don't, (Who does?) leaves little room for others to connect deeply with you. It is a gift of connection we all miss out on.

We'd rather not risk being vulnerable because it feels scary... but often what we need is really simple. Like yesterday. I didn't need much. I didn't need a babysitter or a therapist or anyone to fix anything for me. I just needed company... I needed to know I wasn't alone. And it turns out my friend did too. For me, life is just sweeter when we're in it together.

I had been worried about posting about my struggles with parenting Aggie and being an FTP because I didn't want to seem like I was complaining or taking my life for granted or that I don't love Aggie.  The first two of on that list are true and that's okay.  But it has also allowed space for others to open up about their struggles.  For me, the more I can open up and release the struggle, the better I feel and do.  So thanks for reading and commenting.


sunnywave said...


i know what you mean about the 'list'...i feel like that too, probably related to the parental guilt train that i ride. i need to chuck that! xoxoxo thanks for being you!

Nanimal said...

OI! the blanace between self improvement and yelling at myself to improve. More acceptance is good. I am going to work on that, thanks for the reminder...
and I am terrified of being a FTM next year. So sosososo scared of becoming depressed again.... and then feeling guilty because of it. *sigh*

heathre said...

love superhero journal. and i certainly hear ya on this one. fodo for thought - thank you xoxo

Bruce said...

So much I agree with.

It's never easy. Being human. Some of our self-preservation behavior has the exact opposite result, long-term and short term.

Being honest with ourselves and others is really the key. Acceptance and forgiveness.

I've had to take a 'big picture' view of it all. Today may be worse than yesterday, but this week is better than three weeks ago. This month is better than two months ago, etc.

Feed you soul every day, even if only in a small way.