Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Aggie's New Room

Thanks to the incredible Ms. Amanda, who offered and followed-up on taking Aggie over night, I was able to get the last two tiny projects done on Ag's new room and take photos.

She really likes her new room and is sleeping on the new bed like a champ.  We've had a lot fewer nap/bed time struggles since the new bed.

Most of the new stuff we already had, but we did get the table, chairs and lamp at Ikea.  The shelf under the window was made by my grandmother - it's not only gorgeous but also a wonderful heirloom.  Jason installed the wall heater - so handy!  And the boxes that hold her stuffed animals?  Diaper boxes covered in wood-grain printed contact paper - so crafty!


sunnywave said...

*Like* !! :-)

Anonymous said...

Great job on the room Cora!! Aggie is a lucky girl :)