Sunday, November 05, 2006


I realized that I had not yet posted a picture of my other cat, Paul, which is not so much unfair to him as it is to my dear readers. He's a luv, so adorable. So here you go -- taken of him last week (he's the orange one).

And a quick update -- J and I have been working hard on the house, getting it ready to go on the market in about a week (!). I'm headed to WaWa (as I've taken to calling it) today with J for a job interview on Monday. With a for-profit. Scandalous. I feel like such a sell out. It's a company that produces health publications for hospitals, HMOs, etc. I'm applying to be a production coordinator, i.e. project manager. I'm hoping the atmosphere is not too corporatey and that I can really get my planning groove on in the position. Planning, it's my hobby.


culotte said...

Look at his little tongue hanging out. It's so rare to see kitty tongue in such a relaxed manner.

cora bora puddin' pie said...

One time, he had his whole tongue hanging out, but I was too slow with the camera.

Rachel (the other cat) used to stick her tongue out -- when she was happy, hungry, excited. But, after pulling some of her teeth (they were bad), she stopped doing it. I'm glad her mouth feels better, but I miss her little tongue. It was nice gauge on how she was feeling.