Friday, November 03, 2006

Or it may have been just what I needed

Tuesday night, when I posted the video of me dancing to Pat Benatar, I thought I was doing something goofy to let off some steam. Well, I also got lots of wonderful feedback, which has been just what I needed. Lately, by the time Friday arrives, I am a wreck of stress, anxiety, fears and exhaustion. I haven't been taking very good care of myself during this time of change and the chaos that goes with moving to a new town and state. But the feedback that I have received on my video has buoyed my spirits and also helped to see myself in a different, more positive light. Thank you, thank you for the feedback.

(I had to post this message because I don't know how to reply to comments individually. I'm not trying to make the non-commenters feel guilty, though it's always nice to hear from you.)


liv said...

oh laydee...hear you on this. i have been so uber-swamped at work i can barely see straight. i hope i see you on my birthday workin some of those magical moves on the dance floor! xo

happy and blue 2 said...

The video was really good. Be proud..
Hope you have a relaxing weekend. Unless you plan on going into the video business full time, ha,ha..

chirky said...

I just watched you rock out to Pat B. Gawd. It was hilarious and heartfelt and perfect all at once.

If I lived in Portland, I'd totally want to be your friend.