Thursday, September 07, 2006

The first of many, I'm sure

So, my newest obsession is I was trying to create the CoraNation emblem, but the only inspiration that struck me was my fear of birds. Yes, I fear all birds to a point, but mainly those kept in a cage, larger than a pigeon and/or that fly at my head. Seriously. During the recent vacation, we pulled up to a cheese shop with a petting zoo (don't ask) that had an Emu wandering around it. While still in the car, I had the beginnings of a panic attack (wringing of hands, hyperventilating) and begged my friend to re-park the car. Then, J had to escort me from the car -- he kept an eye on the loose roosters while I kept an eye on the Emu -- to the shop. He wanted to leave the shop early to rest in the car, but I told him he could absolutely not leave me alone to walk that gauntlet alone. I'd thought I was pretty much over my fear, but I guess not. Every few years or so, it rears its ugly head and I wind up mortifying myself in front of others and having absolutely no control over it. At least this freak out wasn't as bad as the Australia Freak Out of 1999. I still shudder over that (both from my own mortification and the thought of those ducks swarming me).

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