Thursday, January 06, 2011


Happy New Year!

So, I was going to make one and only one resolution this year:

- Have a baby

Because so very much comes along with that one act, I thought it wouldn't be smart to put a lot of other pressures on myself or my family.

But, I've been reading around the blogosphere (I hate that term, so why did I just use it?), and found a couple things that were really neat:

1) Make a list of accomplishments you'd like to be writing about on 1/1/2012
2) Pick one word to focus on this year, instead of a whole list.

Mine are:

1) Feel, believe and live: I am enough, I do enough, I have enough.
2) Gratify

What's about you?

P.S. still no progress on the baby's name.  But I'm feeling oddly Zen about it at the moment.  Perhaps that will be her name - Oddly Zen Davidson.


heathre said...

i totally dig 'oddly zen davidson'. :)

amandaw said...

1) Loving my new job and home
2) Survive

heathre said...

and my word for the year is "FOCUS"

Nanimal said...

I love Zen Davidson... love it.

I am fighitng for Gordon over here... I really want to sing the Flash Gordon song to him as he grows up. (Queen)

Flash Flash! I love you... but we only have 24 hrs to save the EARTH!

sunnywave said...

i vote for zen! hmm...maybe that should be my word for the year...