Sunday, January 23, 2011

For the 'Rents

I used to refer to my parents as the 'rents.  I was a teen and thought I was clever and funny.  Now, not so much.

Anyhoo, I have found three wonderful blogs about parenting that I wanted to share with y'all:

- Finding Magnolia
- An Accident of Hope (okay, I've only read one blog posting, but I LOVED it)
- Offbeat Mama (was looking for advice on Extreme Couponing and found this gem)


P.S. Yup, I have insomnia!  And sinus pressure and leg cramps!  Oh the joy of being 30 weeks pregnant.

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amandaw said...

I love the An Accident of HOpe great. Did you read were she had her baby in the TAXI? If you didn't Oh my god, don't until after D2 day arrives. Love ya. Miss ya.