Tuesday, January 11, 2011


We found a name!!!  Amelia (Uh-meal-yuh)!!!  Just before falling asleep last night, we were talking about names and J was all, "How 'bout Amelia?"  And I was all, "I like it."  And we decided to just run with it.  Because I'm too indecisive, he's too decisive and we rarely seem to meet up anywhere.  And, really, Aggie grew into her name and it fits her perfectly now.  Plus, I think I might nickname her Ah-meh-leah.


Aggie's new room is pretty much done, so I'll start trying to have her nap in there.  Pics sometime in the next decade, I promise.

This weekend J is headed off to Reno to have a Boys' (Mans'?) weekend.  Boys' Five Day Excursion, actually.  He and a friend are driving to Reno, leaving me with Ags, the dog and two snarly cats*  for five days, all by myself.  What the hell was I thinking when I okay'd this?  But okay'd it I did.  Please pray for me.  Or light incense.  Or send me powerful narcotics that I'll stare at lovingly because I can't take them because I'm pregnant.

*Two cats, you ask?  Why yes, I completely forgot to mention (or did I?) that we have adopted another cat, KC.  She was living my J's parents, but did not adapt at all to the introduction of their newest cat.  She is quite a love, so we decided to take her home with us, thinking Hugo (aka, Butthead) would be just fine with her.  They are getting better with each other, but Hugo still likes to stalk her at times.  BUT she pooped in the kitchen sink yesterday.  I sh*t you not (tee hee).  Right over the disposal - we think she was trying to be polite about it.  A better option would have been to use the litter box.  We're working with her on that.  She seems to think going in the box is optional and prefers to pee right outside it.  Still, a love.  With a meow so scratchy, it sounds like she's smoked a pack a day for 10 years.


Anonymous said...

LOVE the name!!!
Wish I lived closer so I could come and help out. Sam's mom and dad are coming to help keep me sane. Ailie is so BUSY! I can hardly find time to use the restroom. I am afraid that if I turn my back for a second she will break Oly's tail. Poor guy!
Take care!

sunnywave said...

Beautiful name!!!! :-)

Nanimal said...

you brave woman... another animal. I am still adjusting to just Mimi (who is a dear).
Nice name pick. Chris and I have yet to have a moment of "OH yes, I like that one too"
It mostly is "No, that name doesn't sound right" or "I had a student with that name - he was an assh*le"

We may name him at the hospital...
Boy Kerr Mueller