Thursday, March 27, 2008


First, a quick update - my grandma got out of the hospital on Tuesday and is doing great. I am taking care of her until Sunday. Her confusion and memory issues have all but vanished. She's getting around quite well and has good spirits. And is very appreciative that I am here. Not that I need her to be (or that she should be), but it is nice to know that what I am doing is helpful and wanted.

Okay, on to dreams...

I had a dream on Saturday that was just fantastic. And quite like the dreams I would have when I slept better. I dreamt that my family (Jason, my parents, cousins, etc.) went on a trip to the South Pacific. We were island hopping and had wound up on a wonderful island for a few days. It was time to go to another island and we were packing. For some reason, we had brought a ton of stuff with us - I'm talking copious amounts of toiletries and paintings to hang on the wall to make where we were staying feel like home. We had only managed to hang a couple and a big pile were just sitting in our room. Our departure time was drawing very close, so I decided to just pack those things I would need to have an enjoyable and light journey. But, I was worried how we were going to get our other stuff packed in time, or if we could come back for it. Part of me wondered if we should even bother. And why the heck we had brought it in the first place. Then, my mom came and suggested we repack the stuff we really didn't need (like the paintings) in one bag, so we wouldn't have to keep unpacking them. But time was running short and I didn't think we'd have time to repack. I kept reminding myself that I had everything I needed in a small bag, ready to go. I woke shortly after that.

Talk about subtext. Obviously, I have a lot of emotional baggage that I carry with me, that is weighing me down, holding me back from having a fun, enjoyable trip through life - from having the kind of life I want to have. Obviously, a part of me wants to let go of this baggage and move on with a much lighter load. Part of me wants to make sure I'm not going to leave something important behind. So, how to lighten the load? Perhaps that too will come to me in a dream.

One last thought - I want this purse so badly.

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