Saturday, March 15, 2008

My Grandma

That's her, in the middle, between Jason and I (my parents are behind us).  She lives in Lewiston, ID, about 2+ hours from M-F.  She's technically my step-grandmother, but she's never made me feel anything but loved.  

Lately, her mind has begun to slip.  Little things, like sending Jason two birthday cards with two checks on the same day.  Forgetting how to play card games, or mentally switching games in the middle of a hand.  

She went into the hospital Tuesday to have one of her knees replaced for the second time.  I went to visit her today.  The drugs and pain and likely lack of decent sleep are making her mind slippage worse.  Several times I had to remind her that she wasn't going home tonight.  That we didn't need to pack her suitcase.  That she hadn't been home yesterday.  Nothing major.  But it worries me.  I worry her mind won't go back, that she'll just continue to get worse.  And it makes me sad, sad that she's confused and is embarrassed when she realizes she's confused.  That's the worst part.

It's also hard because of my grandma's sister-in-law, Betty.  Betty's about the same age as my grandma and sharp.  Her body's a bit broken and sore, but her mind is in great shape.  It's hard seeing the two of them together, comparing how my grandma could be.  Without Betty there, I might just chalk my grandma's slipping up to old age and not worry quite as much.  Don't get me wrong, I'm very glad Betty is around and as mentally competent as she is (and a good driver).  I just wish it was also so for my grandma.

I'll go visit my grandma next weekend for Easter and hopefully, she'll be a bit better.  And not quite so anxious to get home, though I think that's hoping for too much.

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heathre said...

i'm glad your grandma has betty - i think being around someone who is 'sharp' will help your grandma and maybe slow the decline? it's hard to watch - my grandma had alzheimer's an d her's started pretty early...

btw, love the new layout :)