Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Holy Crap, where has the time gone?

So, my mind has been slipping into funky time warps lately. I think it's two weeks ahead of the actual time. The end of March seems ages ago. My birthday isn't tomorrow? Weird.

And my life, it has been kicking my a**. Job - out of control busy. Increased meds, taken in the AM instead of the PM. PMS. Fridge died. Gas is insanely expensive. And it keeps snowing. Well, not in town, but in the mountains near by and it's not exactly cold, but not exactly warm. However, the forecasters promise it will be 72 degrees both here in M-F and PDX, where I'm hanging this weekend.

Last week, Jason bought Bella a raw hide bone. Not sure why, because she has steadfastly refused to chew on anything that can't then be swallowed shortly thereafter. She's not a chewer. But, he still bought her this bone. He smeared chicken fat on it in the hopes that would make her a chewer. Instead, she licked it until the fat was gone or unlickable. And despite all this, she does not abandon the bone. Thankfully, she's stopped feeling the need to be with it 24/7. But, in the morning, when we go down for her morning constitutional, she checks to make sure it's still where she left it before venturing outside. She growls at or closely monitors anyone who goes near it, including Jason. When I brought it closer to me, she picked it up and moved it two feet away from my clutches. Right now, she's laying in the middle of the room, the bone tucked near her chin. I just don't get it. And I can't decide if she's being OCD about it and it's making her anxious. Or she truly loves it, like it's her baby. Perhaps, just perhaps, it's not for me to decide.

And that last sentence is a good example of how my therapy session went today. No answers, just many good examples of my neuroses.

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