Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I turn 31 in approximately 12 hours (I was born 7ish in the a.m.). I am sitting on my bed, drinking some really good Chardonnay (not usually a fave), mini brownies and watching Juno for the first time. Bella and Paul have joined me.

I'm excited.

31. I'm finally an adult. Here comes middle-age. Welcome middle-age. Parking in back (ha!).

Truly, I am excited. It feels a little weird, to be excited about getting older. But I am. As my dear friend, Amanda, put it, "You're really an adult now." Indeed, I am. And I ain't takin' no crap. Okay, that's not true. But, I've decided since I will be 31 tomorrow, I don't need to go on any trips to the gun store with my dad and uncle who are visiting, which I would have done when I was 30 or younger. No, I've passed into a new realm. I am now 30+. I am an adult. And I love it.

It surprises me that I am so embracing of aging. Well, I'm not fond of my white hairs, but now that I'm 31 (well, almost), I feel they fit. White hairs in your 20s? No way. 30s? OK. Wrinkles, bring them on. I feel now I need them for street cred. Who's going to believe I'm 30+ without some crows feet?

Seriously, I am so excited. I know, I know. It sounds like, "Me think she doth proclaim too much." But, really, I am. I feel like I'm 17. No, 19 years old. But I am very excited to tell people I'm 31.

So, cheers. Raise your glass. Here's to 31. And here's to another 31 years.


heathre said...

Happy 31st Cora!!! welcome to the 'real 30s' - its a pretty good place :)

sunnywave said...

Happy 31st Cora!!! :) Kick it in live in those sweet new shoes you have!! :) xoxoxox

Nanimal said...

lol, I actually felt the same way when I turned 31. 35 is pushing the whole happy top be an adult thing to far though I might say. lol.
yay for 30s!