Thursday, July 26, 2007


So, right now, I'm reading two wonderful books - Harry Potter & the Deathly Hollows by J.K. Rowling and Fun Home by Allison Bechdel.

The first, I won't say too much, since it's already been widely talked about. I'm only about a third of the way done and am loving it.

The second book - Fun Home - is fantastic. It's Bechdel's autobiography in graphic novel form (she's the cartoonist behind Dykes to Watch Out for). Her story focuses on her own "sexual awakening" (for lack of a better phrase), and her father's closeted homosexuality and death. It is awesome. She does a wonderful job of weaving in raw truth, reflection, intellectual analysis and emotional tenderness. Plus, I really dig her drawing style. So, go out and buy it already (or get it from the library).

A funny little story about reading this book - I took it with me yesterday when I went to get some blood drawn. I was reading it while waiting for the nurse, and when she came up, she asked what I was reading. Living in a conservative area, I decided to just say it was a cartoonist's autobiography. She then commenced telling me about the wonderful books she'd just heard about and couldn't wait to read - a Christian series about a youth moving to a Christian town and how that plays out. But she said she would definitely tell her daughter about Fun Home because her daughter was always looking for new books. Tee hee.

And perhaps it's not fair to giggle. I know lots of Christians who are gay-friendly, and the nurse and her whole family might just love Fun Home. I guess what I found amusing is that I hesitated telling her the real premise of the book, but she had no qualms telling me that her books were Christian focused. I'm still getting used to that - people assuming that I am Christian and/or interested in Christian things (books, music, TV shows, etc.). Having lived in Portland and Chicago, having attended a very liberal arts school, I learned to challenge my assumptions about one's religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, etc. So, I'm still surprised when people make assumptions about me, then don't follow up with a question clarifying if their assumption is correct.

I don't feel I'm expressing myself very well. I'm too worried about sounding judgmental. Which is funny because I am being so, but I'm trying to spin it so it sounds like I'm not.

Anyway, another recommendation, music this time - The Gossip's Standing in the Way of Control. I am loving this album. The lead singer's voice is reminiscent of Janis Joplin - soulful, deep, scratchy at times. And good beats and guitar riffs. Love it.

Okay, me and my judgmental ass our going to sign-off now.


amandanator said...

hello darling...I'm bummed out right now, K's on the couch, and we are so close to WA WA but you are not here.

Ho hum...

I wish you would make my decisions for me...

HP 7 rocks!

stucky said...

I love that album. Listen Up! is just kick ass. And the remixes I got my hands on of Listen Up! and Standing in the Way of Control are awesome as well.

liv said...

and not to mention that beth ditto is a yummy hot fatgirl! she and i sat on a panel a few years ago at the Rock-n-Roll Camp for Girls talking about our activism in body politics. she was a real down to earth hottie! :)