Monday, July 02, 2007


Hey!!! I made it back to WaWaWa safe and sound after a wonderful week in San Fran. The training was great - lots of learning, good folks, and mui restful. Then a weekend with HD and she delivered...loads and loads of wonderful food. My favorite - the ice cream. Oh Bi-Rite ice cream, if it wasn't so late, I would compose an ode to you right this very second. Truly, folks, it's so freakin' good. And all the cups and spoons are made from compostable materials, so no remorse taints the ice cream eating experience.

A tie for second - a visit to H&M (European clothing store) and learning to play Petanque (French bocce balle).

Of course, all of this was wonderful only because I did all of it with HD. Who, by the way, has one of the cutest cats ever - a white Persian named Elvis.

Okay, off to bed. Probably not much more posting this week, as J's family reunion is in full force in a camp none to far from where I now sit.

P.S. HD helped me set-up an RSS feed for this blog (click on Subscribe: Posts (Atom) at the very botton), which means you can subscribe and you'll be notified every time I post something new, so you won't have to keep hitting the Refresh button incessantly.

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