Monday, June 04, 2007

Hip Hip Hooray!

A got the job! And she accepted! The W's are moving to Walla Walla!

(One set of friends down, about a dozen to go.)


heathre said...

that rocks!

amandanator said...

I am so excited-but a little freaked out!!!!!! This is a grown up job!!! However, please convince J. that it would NOT be a good idea to live together for an indefinite time period.

My constantly thinking that my kids would be bothering you two would eventually kill me. You would just show up one day, and I would be cold and rock solid-holding dirty socks, and an old cereal bowl I found under a bed). Think of the poor kitties.

PS. Buffy is the devil...I haven't done any homework or grading in 2 days!!! I heart Spike.