Thursday, June 14, 2007


You know the saying that bad things come in three? Well, this week I believe it. I got back to WaWa on Friday to find a sick J (not just regular sick, but more serious sick, which I won't go into until I get the okay from him). Yesterday, I got a flat tire, which I found on my way to a meeting (which, thankfully, I had on my schedule for the wrong day). And today, meer seconds before my very first broadcast began, the iPod froze, taking my entire show hostage. I had my intro, songs, news clips -- all gone. So, I had to wing it. At first, I panicked and just read straight from my script, then I panicked again and played a lot of music. This helped mellow me out and the rest of the show was music heavy but with some interjections from me. It's good for me to be forced to fly by the seat of my pants every once in a while. Reminds me that I do pretty well on the fly and that the world won't end when things don't go to plan.


My boss laughed a little when I told her about the iPod freezing. I mentally threw popcorn at her.

J was an outstanding source of support. He sent me flowers, which were supposed to arrive prior to the show (and their good luck vibes might have saved the iPod). Roses. He sent me a text message half way through the show, letting me know he was listening and that I was doing a great job. And then afterwards, he listened to me talk all about it and praised me heavily. What a sweetie. I know, I'm gushing. But after 7 years together, you tend to take the person you love for granted, and it's nice when the blinders are pulled off and you're reminded what a fabulous person your partner is.

'Nuff said. Peace out.

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stucky said...

Hold down menu and select at the same time for about 5 seconds. It reboots the ipod :)