Friday, October 06, 2006

Movin' on up to the East side

We're moving! To Walla Walla, Wa! Where, you ask? Why? When? Read on...

(see the lower right hand yellow area)

So, in late August, J was laid off. He'd already been looking for a new job and had already applied for a banking position in Joseph, Oregon. The bank called but said they had a position open in Walla Walla instead. We went out last week, he interviewed, we toured the area. This week they offered him the job and we accepted. We'd been thinking about leaving Portland for a while. I'll never argue that Portland isn't a great city. But, it's a city. And I grew up here. I've been wanting to try the smaller town thing for a while. The last year has been a good one. We're really going to miss the friends we have here. But it's time for us to be moving on. J's job starts at the end of October. I'm not sure how soon I'll move over -- we need to sell the house, etc.

There you have it -- the abridged version. While this post lacks the enthusiasm I had hoped for it, we are both very excited about this move. We really like Walla Walla. I'm in a bit of a shock, esp. since this all happened yesterday. I don't even know where to begin starting this move. So, mentally, emotionally, I'm just resting right now, processing.

And saying Walla Walla Washington really fast. It's fun.


liv said...

wow! congrats...looks like a road trip in the spring will be in order. :)

The Amandanator said...

Excellent, I'm so freakin happy, you'll be even closer to me. Plus my sister is in the process of moving there too. Who knows, maybe we're next...just think of all the cool water parks we can go to next year!!