Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A little gift from the universe

On the bus this morning, a gentleman was getting ready to disembark, and we were having a little chit chat. He then asked what I was off to save the world. I replied that actually, I help people with HIV and AIDS. He said that he could tell I was doing something to save the world as I was radiating love. He said this in a very non-cheesy or slurred (i.e. drunk) manner. It made me smile and feel good about the work that I do, that I am indeed spreading the love, letting people with HIV/AIDS or people at-risk know that they are not alone and that others care for them and want them to remain healthy. I don't believe in God in a mainstream religion sense, but I do believe the universe sends you little gifts and if you're open, you'll receive them.

Another little gift I received -- Sunday night, J and I were sleeping on our futon in the living room because we had been recovering the hardwoods in our upstairs and the smell was overpowering. The kitties love to play with their mice once the lights go off, and they are very vocal while playing. Rachel was engaging her mouse, when we asked her to be please be quiet (we try to be very polite to our cats). She picked up her mouse, went down to the basement and commenced playing there (we could hear her through the vents). We never trained her to do that. It was so sweet and considerate and kind of out of character. When Paul started playing with his mouse, we asked him to also go to the basement, but he ignored us. Oh well.

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