Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Creative Cravings 02.08.12

All these years I was misled into thinking VD was something you didn't want (via Neatorama)

Apparently, a heart is no longer required

Who knew that violence could be so pretty (via Visual News)

Simply lovely wallpaper (via Feeling Lovesome)

Artful affirmation (via Feeling Lovesome)

Ironically, this is vegetarian (via Neatorama)

When I refer to this cat as two-faced, I am not speaking metaphorically (via Laughing Squid)

Very cool method of before-and-after shots

Cakes gone horribly, laughably wrong (via Neatorama)

Long-term love stories (via Silly Grrl)

Too much kitty cuteness and silliness (via Neatorama)

Taxidermy for vegetarians

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