Friday, October 29, 2010

Other Projects

Thanks so much for the support in response to my last posts.  I will respond - things are still percolating.

I did want to share what else I've been up to during my time at home.  With extra special thanks to my Mom & Dad for their immense help during their visit, I was able to do a lot of redecorating on a small budget.

I don't have any before pics, so for those of you who haven't visited or haven't in a while, you'll have to take my word that it looks a lot better.

First - the upstairs kitchen and living space:

We're saving up for matching dining room chairs and additional seating.

(Psssst....Heather....the pictures over the chaise - your pic of the lanterns is on the right.)

Jason's bathroom:

Yes, that's a picture of Heather in Jason's bathroom.  He picked it from a set of four prints we already owned.  It's fun - at least that's his story.

Our bedroom:

Bella approved!  And yes, I could've made the bed for the shot, but then you wouldn't get to see it in it's day-to-day state.  BTW - the bed side table on the right is gold - my mom spray painted it and it's awesome.

Downstairs living room:

Not huge changes here but some art work got changed.  And look at the inexpensive, yet stylish solution to keeping Aggie out of the entertainment center.  Working so far...

I'm also working on my cooking and baking.  I cook dinner most nights (as well as breakfasts and lunches for me and Ags).  And last night I peeled, cored and sliced dozens of apples and froze them for future baking adventures.  Apple crisp, apple pie - here we come!

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heathre said...

i'm so happy you have some of my prints up - especially entertained by the bubble pic in j's bathroom :)