Thursday, October 14, 2010

1 year, pt. 2

Team D did it!!!  We all survived the first year.  Except Rachel (sniff - though Aggie was not the cause).  And I'd like to think we're all the better for it.

The last month has been a blur of visitors and birthday parties.  Which is great, because I spent most of the first month of being a full-time mom letting others entertain and care for Aggie.  A very nice way to ease into full-time parenting.

And the birthday parties - four (!!!!) total!  Ags especially enjoyed the cupcakes and the singing.  And the crown wearing.

Oh yes, I almost forgot - Aggie started crawling.  One day, she just went for it but she wasn't very happy about it.  She had a look on her face that read: "Must I really degrade myself in this manner?"  But, she's gotten over it and is a crawling champ.  We have gates now but don't have to use them too often.  She prefers to get into things like the dog's water dish and the DVDs, rather than heading off into other rooms (though her father's bathroom intrigues her, likely because she takes her baths in there).

She is practicing her walking and the other morning she stood up and balanced all by herself.

Aggie has also grown even more adventurous with her eating - she really enjoyed tofu, seaweed and ribs.  And if you feed her ice cream, woe is you, because when you run out, she screams as though her heart is being torn out.  Something she also does when you take her out of the swing at the park.

She has two favorite games now - peek-a-boo and throw an object, crawl over to it and throw it again.

Jason and I are looking forward to year 2.  As hard as this part year has been, it has been infinitely more fun and rewarding.  Aggie is just an awesome person and I am excited to watch her develop.  With that said, though, I was watching a blogger's (Amalah) recap of her son's second year and you could see him go from baby to toddler.  And that makes me a little sad - in the next year, I will lose my baby.  A different blogger, Finslippy, wrote a great post about the millions of goodbyes parents say during their child's adolescent (here) (I will admit, some goodbyes won't be bittersweet, like when we say adios to diapers!).

I know, I know, we're having another baby, but still.  Baby Aggie is the Aggie I know and love, so I am both sad to know she will be leaving us but also excited to meet all the other Aggies waiting down the road.

Pic of the month (thanks Aunty Roo!):


carmen said...

love this post. I definitely felt sad about Miranda losing her baby-ness, since she is my last. But, now that both her and Jove are independent eating and going to bathroom I feel okay about it. I just snoodle my friend's babies and then hand them back when they are hungry or need their diaper changed.

sunnywave said...

congratulations to team D! That first year--oh, joy, oh love, oh tears, oh sleep deprivation...not only is aggie amazing, but so are her parents--congratulations to *you*!! xoxo