Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Week 8: Apple Juice Rocks

Passed the two month mark today!  Hooray!  Only 8 more months to go.

As the subject of this post indicates, I love apple juice.  It tastes so freaking good.  

Being pregnant has made me very thirsty.  I must have liquids at all times, because when I get thirsty, it's not like "oh, I'm a tad parched."  It's: "Must. Drink. Now."  Hold that thought while I go grab some water.

Okay, better now.

We have our first doctors appointments on Thursday and Friday.  The first is just blood draws and checking vitals, etc.  The second will be to meet the doctor and have an ultrasound (I hope).  I'm not sure I'll stay with the doctor.  There's a highly recommended midwife I'd like to meet with, but decided to wait until at least the pregnancy is confirmed.

I started wondering today about the babe.  An episode of the show Firefly ("Heart of Gold"), a woman is giving birth and one of the characters asks: "Who's in there?"  Is it my Italian Grandmother?  My cousin Tony?  Audrey Hepburn?  A combination?  Or someone completely new?  Genetically, I hope the kid gets my teeth - I have very strong, healthy teeth.  Only had two cavities.  Jason has 48 cavities, or something like that.  

And I hope the kid gets my ears.  No one has ears like me, not even my parents.  I have a double ridge at the top - most folks only have one.  Riding the subway in Chicago, I used to look for ears like mine, but no one ever came close.  It would be nice to share that trait.  Except, it makes it difficult to find head phones (the kind that stick in the ear) that fit.  And I think it affects my hearing, making it a little worse than average.  But that's just a theory.


Hilleri said...

Are you going to post week 9 :)

Nanimal said...

that's so funny... I always hoped the kids would get my eye color - . didn't happen... oh well. they have beautiful eyes... but there is something crazy magical about seeing your features in another human. I totally realized that when chris first met Cricket. He was in awe of the similarities (of which there are MANY) and the fact that cricket was the first human that he knew that was related by blood to him. It was cool to watch him awe over it. It touches on the human compulsion to find like in eachother.

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