Sunday, September 30, 2007


Hey! We're all moved and settling into the new place. We got our new washer and dryer today - very exciting.

The pets are having an interesting readjustment period. Instead of transferring their heirarchy from the last place, it seems they are trying to reestablish their roles here. Bella is being very submissive to the cats - almost as if she's afraid of them - before she was intimidated by Paul and didn't pay Rachel much attention. Paul's being a super jerk and just trying to bully Bella as much as he can and Paul and Rachel have both taken to eating Bella's food - while she's trying to eat!

And just to add to the chaos, Jason and I rescued a kitten this morning. Jason woke me up about 3 am saying he could hear a kitten meowing outside and asked if it would be all right if he brought the kitten inside. I jumped up, got dressed and joined him in the search. We found her (not actually certain of the gender but we're going with female) squeezed between our porch and a fence. She fled when Jason went to grab her. After chasing her up a densely vegetated hill, we gave up and went inside. We were able to catch her this morning and brought her inside and set her up in one of our spare rooms. She's currently hiding between two pillows covered by a blanket. She seems to be about 6 weeks old, but is malnourished. She's been eating but starts to shake whenever we are close. We're going to give her a couple days and try to help her regain her health. After that, we'll decide if we want to keep her and take her to a vet or turn her over to a shelter.

We've already named her -- Fred (after a female character from Angel), who was found living in a cave, terrified and alone but soon rejoined the world successfully. I wasn't really wanting another pet, but she's just so darn small and cute, and poor thing, all alone in the great big world. Of course, if we find out that she has feline leukemia or something contagious but not curable, we'll have to give her away because we can't have her infecting the other two. I do worry that if we keep her, Bella will feel outnumbered and not as loved.

But...I need to not get ahead of myself. We just need to help Fred survive the next few days and then go from there.


heather said...

sending happy healthy kitty thoughts to little fred!!! see you soon!

amandaw said...

Our kitties could kick your kitties ass! Hey you rock! Check out my blog at!

Can't wait for the weekend.