Friday, December 21, 2007

72 Days?!?

It's been 72 days (or something like that) since my last post. Seriously, I'm not quite sure where the time has gone. And it's not like I've been super busy. I'll just blame cable TV, which we cancelled today, so that's a super convenient excuse.

So, what have I been up to? Well, for starters, we now have 5 - count them 5 - pets. Fred (aka, Winifred the kitten) turned out to be a Hugo, a healthy, male kitten, and we decided to keep him. He's a bit of a terror, as kittens are, I suppose, despite having him fixed. But, I absolutely adore him - well, when he's not attacking one of the other pets or Jason or digging up my plants. I'll try to post a picture of him soon. Seriously, he's the cutest cat ever. EVER.

And we also have a Beta fish - Alfie, the Alpha Beta fish (I named him, if you couldn't tell). He's a gift from Jason's co-worker. Initially, I was not thrilled (fish in tanks - caged animals of any kind - stress me out) but things are working out nicely. I even feed him every once in a while.

What else? The new house is grand. I just love all the space. And the view, my god people, the view! Again, I will have to post pictures. Words can't describe. And living a block up from the library is fantastic. I've checked out so much, but actually read very little of it. Sometimes, I just like having the books around. And knowing I can get such cool stuff from my rural library system. I tell ya, it puts the Chicago Public Library system to shame. food issues. So, still having sensitivities to dairy and eggs. I've started trying Lactaid (the generic version, actually) and that's going okay. It's allowing me to eat pizza again. Goodness, how I have missed pizza. Unfortunately, no remedy for the egg thing, so I will have to continue pining away for a big plate piled high with steaming scrambled eggs. And baked goods - I can't even handle the eggs in those. I'll have to write an Ode to Eggs or something.

Well, there's tons more I could talk about, but I wanted to get an initial post up and don't want to tax you too much after having gone such a long period sans Cora postings. I'll take it easy on ya until you build your endurance back up.

Peace out.


liv said...

YAY!!! so glad you are back. i check you everyday, just in case. :)

about the egg thing - can you use egg-beaters? i have used those in stuff when i am baking vegan. i have never just scrambled and ate them, but for baking they work great!

can't wait to see your pics. love yer guts. xoxo

Nanimal said...

I use egg replacer for baking. I am allergic to eggs. sigh. I miss them sometimes (it was an adult onset allergy). Life without them gets easier. The egg replacer is sold in a box. Add some water and use instead of eggs ina recipe. I don't think you could make custard or anything super egg-y, but it works for choc chip cookies and bread... etc. plus it is soo nice to always have it on hand for a recipe. I get mine at a crunchy granola type store - I am sure whole foods type places have it as well.

I have built up an endurance to them in baked goods - but it is much safer for me to use the replacer.