Monday, September 24, 2007

What happens in Aurora, happens to ME (and you?)

The fight for women's access to reproductive health care has landed in Aurora, Illinois, a fast-growing city outside Chicago, where Planned Parenthood just built a large health center.

The usual suspects in the anti-choice fringe have showed up in droves - more people are protesting this clinic than Planned Parenthood has seen in a very long time. And they are doing everything in their power to try to keep our clinic doors shut. You can read more about it here and here.

Planned Parenthood needs our help! People like you and me are tying ribbons at the new clinic - a ribbon for every supporter. If we get massive amounts of ribbons tied, we'll send a powerful message to the protesters that Planned Parenthood has support from across the country. And, we'll also let the women seeking care there know that they are welcome and supported, too.

You see, what's happening in Aurora isn't just some isolated incident. What's happening in Aurora today is what's happening in America. It's not a war on a clinic - it's a war on women's access to needed health care - in Aurora, and across our country.

Join me! Tie a ribbon to show your support. Click here.

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