Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Little Whining

Yeah, I'm just gonna do it -- whine, on my blog. I won't insult your intelligence by trying to justify such behavior.

It's 7:40 pm, and I'm still at work -- going on hour 12. I have to be back at work at 7:30 am tomorrow to drive for two hours for Staff Day, or as some of my co-workers call it, Forced Fun Day. I was looking forward to it earlier, but now I'm just too tired and would rather sleep-in tomorrow. But we're getting track jackets -- something to look forward to.

My hubby is sick, perhaps with the flu. Or perhaps side-effects to his meds. Poor guy. And because I'll be out of town tomorrow, he has to take the bus to and from work. If he can make it to work.

I've started a new diet -- no dairy or eggs. I'm seeing a homeopathic doctor, and she did a blood test that came back showing that I am strongly sensitive (but not allergic, i.e., won't die from) eating those things. Cutting them out hasn't been very hard so far, but I have been having some nasty bowel movements. Not sure if the two are related, but I'm suspicious. Perhaps my colon is cleaning itself out. Sorry if this is TMI.

The house is still not ready to close. We have an extension until Friday. We've already signed papers, but are just holding back the funding until the darn roof situation is worked out. We had the sellers put a new roof on it, which they did, but the roofers didn't do a complete job and because the sellers already paid them, they (the roofers) are being less than responsive on getting the job done. So, we're now trying to convince the sellers to just set aside some funds for us so we can hire someone to get the roof finished. I'm starting to get frustrated -- we've had four extensions on closing so far. I don't want to get too impatient and lose our wonderful house-to-be, but...I'm a sucker for resolution.

Things to not whine about --

I'm loving my hair! So cute and subtly (very subtly) punk rock, in my opinion. I always like to believe I'm more punk rock than I am (which is to say, not at all). And thanks for the compliments, ladies.

Bella is just a big sweetie. I love having her in our lives.

My co-workers and boss are super groovy and supportive.

Jason is too and such a helper-outer.


Whew! That was a long one. Thanks for reading this far. It's about time for me to finally head home. Peace out. Much love.

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