Thursday, June 19, 2008

Well, this week officially sucks

Jason was admitted to the hospital today.  According to the ER doc, he's suffering from way more than your average allergic reaction.  Something to do with his skin reacting from the inside and causing damage.  The doc said Jason has something akin to a second degree burn.  He's at the hospital now, receiving intravenous meds and tests are being run to make sure his liver and other inside parts are okay.  And both an opthamologist and a dermatologist will need to see him.  He seemed in better spirits when I left, but he hates needles, so the IV makes him nervous.  And he's exhausted.

Whew.  I am tuckered out too.

And, when I got home, I found one of the fish, Alfie, the Beta, had passed on.  It's the second fish this week - Fanty died on Saturday.  Hopefully, I can find the energy tomorrow to clean out the tank and save the two surviving fish.

I know this week could be a lot worse, and I am grateful for it not being so.  


Heidi Dolamore said...

oh. gosh. i don't think there's much that i can say...just know that i am thinking of you both, and i wish jason a speedy recovery, and i hope you both get to enjoy a restful, healthy summer soon. blow jason a kiss for me, since it sounds like a hug would be kinda uncomfortable.

heathre said...

oh honey, i'm so sorry to hear about jason. i'm sending lots of healthy vibes and good thoughts and virtual hugs. hang in there sweets. love, heather

Hilleri said...

We are both thinking of you and Jason. I hope you both are able to keep your spirits up. Take care!
H &S