Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I got a wee bit crabby tonight.  It's been a long day.  Took Jason to the acupuncturist, which helped for about four hours, then stopped helping.  A few hours later we discovered the healing power of aloe.  Glorious aloe.  We decimated our little aloe plant and covered Jason in it.  But, he needed more, so I headed out in search of aloe products.  Safeway had a pathetic selection, so I headed over to Rite Aid, only to arrive 4 minutes past closing.  At that moment, I really, really wanted to yell, "Who do I have to blow to get some f***ing aloe in this town?!?"

Alas, I did not, but returned to Safeway.  And the product I found there just might be working.  I tucked Jason into bed for the first time in two days - he's been sleeping on the bathroom floor so he can easily go between water (the bathtub) and dry land.

I read a wonderful blog, The Crucible of Joy, written by the mother of an adorable baby boy with a very complicated medical condition.  As I was readying Jason for bed, I marveled at her strength.  Here I am, day 4, worn out, frustrated, crabby, and she's had months of much, much worse.  I'm not judging myself or my feelings, just in awe of her.

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heathre said...

aloe is good stuff - works great for suburns. hope it continues to help mr. j!