Thursday, February 28, 2008

Update on the Meds

Yo. So, I thought I'd give you, all my loyal readers, an update on how the meds are going.

The short answer - so far, so good.

The longer answer - I had some minor side-effects, a couple headaches, some nausea, particularly in the morning. My doctor asked if I was pregnant. I can confirm that, indeed, I am not. He asked, mainly I think, because I take the meds at night right before bed, so it's a little strange that I experience the nausea in the morning. But that has since passed.

I've been noticing some mood effects. A general feeling of calmness and less obsessive thoughts and/or less bothered by the obsessive thoughts. However, I've not been feeling this so much this week. I suspect it's due to my over-indulgence at Heather's Oscar Party on Sunday. Apparently, drinking negates the effects of the meds, hence the reoccurence of the anxiety and obsessive thoughts, and that it can take a few days to bounce back. I'm hoping I bounce back soon. I'm missing the way I was feeling last week.

So, that's that. I see my doctor again in late March, but if I don't start bouncing back, that might be sooner. He's started working with me on responding to my obsessive thoughts and finding the root of them, so I can help the meds in getting rid of them. I like him.

And here are a couple of pictures of Jason and I at Heather's party. He went as the Red Carpet, and I got my dress for $7 at Value Village. Check out that mesh back.

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Nanimal said...

sexy sexy.
I saw the pic of Jason being the red carpet in h's flickr and I was like - wooohooo Cora look hot.