Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Outer Limits

We've had some interesting occurrences, out here on the fair limits of civilization.  (Okay, that's exaggerating a bit - we do have a Walmart.)

Today - the lunar eclipse.  So, not just something that we experienced, but it was cool to watch.  I expected it to be a steady phenomenon, but instead the quality and amount of light during the height of the eclipse seemed to shift and it looked at times that the moon got more overcast.  Very neat.

Yesterday - a meteor struck somewhere in Eastern Washington, perhaps near the Canadian border, around 5:20 am.  For some reason, I awoke just before hearing the sonic boom and feeling something hit the house.  I thought it was a strong gust of wind, or something hit the house, both of which are technically true.  Some colleagues and I joked that it was an illegal Canadian immigrant trying to enter the country.

This past weekend - TV's Batman, Adam West, was in town for his brother's funeral.  Apparently, upon taking the mic to give his brother's eulogy, he asked: "How's my lighting?"  I like a sense of humor.  All the hotels in town were booked for some unknown reason, so TV's Batman had to stay at the Holiday Inn Express, which I found amusing.  Rumor has it that he grew up in Walla Walla. If this is true, Jason and I wondered why no one has founded a museum here for him.  I think doing so would add a nice mix to the mainly wine and county fair tourist crowds - comic book geeks and nostalgia freaks!

And that's about it from the far out West.  Below is a picture of a super cute felt button made by Artful Artsy Amy on Etsy.

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Heidi Dolamore said...

sounds like a call to action to me! you are hereby charged with creating an adam west/batman roadside attraction and obscure travel destination! don't make me double dog dare you...