Thursday, August 02, 2007


Mantis, that is.

Yesterday, as Jason and I walked out the door to go to work, we noticed two Praying Manti hanging out on our door frame. One was green, like the one pictured above, and the other a light brown. I'm presuming the green one was the female and the brown the male. When I got back home at lunch, only the green one remained...hmm...

Jason and I were both surprised to learn that we had Praying Manti in this part of the country. I guess I always assumed, based on their looks and their prediliction for biting their mates' heads off, that they lived in jungles - somewhere dank and steamy and full of other creepy creatures, like giant cockroaches.

And there you are, the random Walla Walla fact of the week.

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heather said...

wow, i had no idea there were praying manti :) in WaWa...coolio!