Monday, August 21, 2006


so, i've had this blog live to my select group for about 20 minutes now, and i'm already obsessed with posting. i just have too much to say! oh, but now i've forgotten what i was going to type.

oh! now i remember. i was going to out myself. to the right, you will notice a lovely list of links, links to web sites that i love and visit fairly regularly. but i have left off three because i didn't want you all to think badly of me. but in the interest of sharing my true self with all of you, here it goes. i visit these three sites at least once a day:

but no, i will not be adding them to my list of links. this post will get buried and all forgotten and sins forgiven! okay, i'm signing off now, 'cause i'm getting a little too into this stream of consciousness. plus, i have a work meeting to go to. what? me work?

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