Friday, September 02, 2011

White Whine

Have you heard of this?  I just learned about it via Gin & TacosWhite Whine is a web site that chronicles white Americans complaining about first world problems, i.e., the maid called in sick, or I couldn't get the color Escalade I wanted, etc.

Love it!  And here's why - it's reminding me that I've got it pretty awesome.  This morning, in the wee hours, I got up to make Mimi a bottle.  I don't have an easy to see clock in my bedroom, so as I'm tromping to the kitchen, I think to myself, "It better not be 10 min. before my alarm is supposed to go off - that is the worst."  And I caught myself and acknowledged that would not be the worse - I have a healthy baby, a home, running water, clean bottles and fresh formula.  So, actually, not so bad.  And, just now, I was about to complain about a boring project I'm working on, then I reminded myself that I sit at a nice desk, doing very easy work and get paid decently to do it.  And now, I'm feeling really good about my situation.  So, it's not an exercise in beating myself up, but reminding myself how good life is.

Also, funds have been tight for Team D lately.  I keep thinking, "we have no money."  But I try to correct myself and think, "I have money but I'm not willing to spend it on such and such."  We have savings and spending money, but just not so much that I can mindlessly spend, which I think is a good thing. 

Just trying to respin thought patterns so I'm seeing my life as abundant rather than lacking.

Happy Friday!


Jon said...

I love G&T.

Bruce said...

How does Mimi like the Mini?