Monday, March 21, 2011


I had a second visit with my psychiatrist last week and it was really good.  I forget just how well he and I work together.  We talked mainly about my mothering issues, meaning that I, at times, seek mothering from Aggie.  Which is, obviously, not appropriate or what I really need.  And I realized that I've sought it from other people in my life, which has led to creating, causing and compounding problems in our relationships.  So, I'm working on owning this.

Speaking of mothering, my mom arrived on Wednesday and it's been marvelous!  Not only is she super helpful, but it's great to have the company.  In addition to cleaning, cooking and childcare, she's made a blanket for each girl, and we're going to make a quilt for Amelia.  She and Ags get along great, though Aggie is teething and/or sick and has been a bit grumpy.  But also sweet.  She tries to pat us, like love pats - unfortunately, she often tries to give them to our faces and her control over her strength isn't great, so it feels more like hitting.  She's also talking more and will wander around saying "bay-bee" (baby), "bah" (ball), and "gago" (gato, Spanish for cat).  She can also say "apple" and "agua" (Spanish for water).

I'm feeling pretty good, though often, when Amelia moves around, it is uncomfortable.  I've been sleeping better, except for last night - I've been up since 3 am.  We're just waiting and it's hard waiting for things you want.


Nanimal said...

we always called those pats "fierce love".

Finn still gives fierce love. He just is a big guy - he thinks he is all bitty and cuddly though... which only makes me snuggle him more.

sunnywave said...

snuggle, snuggle, snuggle. ladybug is waaay into the fierce love pats, too. *sigh*

and i hear you about the uncomfortable movings about. tmi, i swear my bladder has never been the same after serving as ladybug's gymnastics mat in utero!