Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Cello for sale - $300 OBO

Cello for sale - $300 or best offer

Full size
Klause Mueller Prelude
Made in Korea
Model No. 205F
Serial No. 6300
Neck is repaired but not in danger of breaking again
Great condition

Free with purchase - hard case, 2 bows, extra strings, stopper and sheet music

Depending on location and offer, delivery is possible.

Yup, I'm giving up on it.  I've wanted to for a while.  I did enjoy learning to play it, when I worked at the music school and got free lessons.  But, since then, five years ago, I've lacked the desire and discipline to practice.  It's time for this beautiful instrument to have an owner that will play it regularly and release it's wonderful musical soul - yeah, I'm a little sad about selling it, can you tell?

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