Friday, August 01, 2008

I'm Back, Y'al!

Hey!  Ms. Fabulous is here.  Enjoyin' my day off.  Yo!

So, I have the pics from the Alaska Cruise all put together - I now just need to figure out how to easily get them on the Internets.  Stay tuned!

To keep you occupied and happy until then - three of my very favorite youtube videos!

Athens Boy Choir: Fagette (for some reason, youtube no longer loves the blogger, so I can't post directly)

Sonya Renee: Women Deserve Better  A-f**kin'-men

Sexual Harassment (definitely NOT work appropriate)

Enjoy!  Happy, happy Friday!

1 comment:

amandaw said... love watch all the videos of Athens Boys Choir! Why did I suddenly play the "Planet Unicorn" episode where they all want to be models in my head just now...uhmmmm. Glad to have you back!