Monday, August 04, 2008


After years of searching, I think I've found my craft - embroidery.

My pal, Nan, over at Tattooed Yarn, is teaching me all about hand sewing, via her blog and e-mails. And she started me out with embroidery. I bought a kit from Sublime Stitching and the book, The Alabama Stitch Book.

I started with the kit and am working on learning and becoming proficient at basic stitches. I'm learning on an old Ikea dish towel with citrus fruit printed on it. I'm simply following the lines and trying different stitches. I'm also reading the Alabama book, but I'm thinking it will be a while before I attempt any project in that book - they're intimidatingly beautiful.

I really like embroidery - it's very mellow and simple, yet beautiful and open to all sorts of possibilities.


heathre said...

ooh, that's smart to practice on the dishtowel. i bought a few supplies and i'm bringing it along to hawaii - figured it would be a good mellow, travelin' craft :)

Nanimal said...

holy shit - is this what you have done? your sticthes are marvelous. marvelous. so even - so clean. I am so impressed. I wish I had done more to inspire I think this is all you. I am actually inspired by you - I want cool dish towels. I may try this project out.

I just ordered A crewel book ( a different form of embroudery - I will post lots of pictures.

sunnywave said...

hey cora, that's so cool! you have inspired me! i've been thinking of a new crafty hobby...