Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Hey, hey, hey! Yes, I'm still here -- still breathing, still happy, just very busy. And Internet-less at home. And now working for an organization that actually monitors how much time its employees spend on the Internet and fires them for inappropriate use. Hence, the lack of posts and e-mails.

However, this is all coming to an end next Tuesday (fingers and toes crossed, please, because I do not have a lot of faith in the local cable Internet provider). As will my life without cable. Yes, J and I signed up for the dish network and made an 18-mos. commitment and got the DVR. I am hoping this last piece of equipment will keep me from surfing cable for hours, but instead keep me watching all my favorite shows (i.e., What Not to Wear!!!) for hours. I can just see it, though, J and I will be buying a second TV in the coming weeks because we will refuse to watch each other's shows (for J, that would be basketball and Adult Swim on the cartoon network).

But, back to the Internet. Once installed, we hope to start our own blog and weekly broadcast about life in WaWa. For example, if we had been broadcasting last week, I would've reported on the cowboy I saw riding his horse down Main St. at 3 in the afternoon on a Friday, then later saw him swaggering down another street. In chaps and cowboy hat, both times.

All righty, I can feel the Internet police creeping ever closer. Please know that I miss you all and compose umpteen posts and e-mails to each of you every day. Your Cora withdrawals are almost over.


heathre said...

yippee!! i've been going through cora blog withdrawal but refusing to give up :)

Nanimal said...

oi, come back....