Monday, April 02, 2012

Marriage Stats

Eight years married, tomorrow, April 3rd.

- Four cats
- One dog
- Two daughters
- Two houses
- Four apartments
- Eight cars 
- One separation and two near separations
- Trips to Paris, St Croix, New Orleans and LasVegas
- Countless road trips
- Four "cities" - Chicago, Portland, College Place, Milton-Freewater
- One man
- One woman
- A whole lotta love and patience


heathre said...

happy anniversary Team D!! Here's to 80 more :)

amandaw said...

8 YEARS! Can you believe it? So fast. I'm happy that I knew you wonderful couple before the magic until present day. Miss you so much. Hope you get to get some to celebrate:) xoxxo

carmen said...

Congratulations. I love your list: the sublime, the mundane and the difficult and so worth it. Here's to many more (cheers!).

Nanimal said...

This is wonderful, making it work is sometimes a lot of work - Cheers!