Sunday, November 06, 2011

This is only a test

Holy mother of god, what a week this has been. I won't rehash the details here but it's been a stressful one. Multiple situations in which I had to call upon my self-confidence to weather the bombardment. But weather it I did, so really it's a good thing, I guess. Problem areas have been revealed, as well as some...solution isn't the right word...more paths through the murkiness, though I don't know the state or destination of them. 

This week has also revealed that the girls and I have great relationships. (Though I must confess that I worry I don't pay enough attention to Mimi; I'm guessing this will change with time and the girls needs and will never be a perfect balance.)

The Good
- hosted book club and had a fantastic evening - really enjoy the company of those ladies.
- had lunch with two co-workers and found out one lives mere blocks from me - I may just yet have a friend in M-F!
- had my boss, his wife and two young daughters over for football watching and play date.
- Random Act of Kindness: let one of the day care teachers practice her English with me (she speaks really well but lacks confidence, and she feels safe with me to push her language boundaries).
- alas, no coloring (fierce scribbling with a black crayon might have been very therapeutic).

Overall, wonderful gifts, some in very yucky packages.

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heathre said...

great perspective cora - you will get through the yuck times. xo
see you Friday!!