Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Content & Grounded

My dear friend, Heather, made a wonderful observation about me yesterday: she said that this weekend is the most content and grounded she's ever seen me.

Having known me 9 years, that statement carries some weight, most of all because I feel the truth of it.  There is a solidness in my chest, not a feeling of being weighed down but more like an anchor - secure. Learning a new job and having young kids is keeping me very present, in the moment. And my brain is letting me stay there. It's not seeking that next thing or looking for greener grass. It wants to be here and now, something that hasn't happened in forever.

I thank Heathy for pointing this out because though I am present, I am also sleep-deprived, and making those kinds of observations spontaneously is beyond my current mental capacity.


heathre said...

wow, 9 years. that is awesome. so glad to have you in my life. xo

Amandaw said...

I have commented to others about this very thing! Heather is just so awesome that she actually tells the one person that needs to hear it! Everytime I visit you four I feel better. You guys are so grounded, content, and have it together I find it helps me with my own chaos. You work so well as a team and are not bothered by things of no great consequence. You are my mentors. I live in my head so much, don't ask for help, and feel as if I'm floating above myself watching everything fail. When I talk to you I come away more confident that I can handle the shit that may come. But more importantly I feel confident that I should stop wondering what the shit will be and just live and breathe. I love you so much and will miss horribly being so close in miles. I wish we had taken more advantage - but alas let's live in the now shall we:) See you in Vegas xo